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When you or a loved one come to the realisation that you need ongoing care, there are a number of options that can be considered. Many people choose the residential care home option without knowing the facts about all of the alternatives. Care homes are often presented as the only option for full time care, yet there are not enough beds in residential homes to accommodate the ageing population.

Older people who want to live independently can do so with the help of a live in carer. While a care home may be suitable for some people, live in care is a cost effective option that could be open to more people than they realise. If you are in the process of making important decisions about your future or the care of a family member, here are some reasons why many people are choosing live in care.

1. Stay with relatives or pets

You don’t have to move out of your home to receive care. If a couple wants to stay living together or you don’t want to leave your pet, live in care is the best choice as your living arrangements can stay the same. Hiring a live in carer allows you to stay at home with your spouse, pets or other family members, and allows you to stay close to your neighbours and other community networks.

2. Don’t sell your home

The current system is deemed unfair by many, in which people assessed as needing care and having assets such as a house, have to pay the full cost of their care. There have been many stories of dementia sufferers having to sell their homes, which they planned on leaving to their children, just to pay for their full time ongoing care. If you choose the live in care route, you will live in your home and therefore this will not be counted as an asset which can be used to pay for care services. If you don’t want to sell your house, you don’t have to, and you can enjoy living comfortably in a familiar place.

3. 1-on-1 care

Having a live in carer who is available 24/7 is usually a premium service compared to a care home. You or your relative will receive unrivalled support with a 1-on-1 carer, whereas the ratio in a residential home will be much higher. The level and quality of care at each residential care home varies.

4. Individual needs

Live in care is completely tailored to the client, which means personalised care is always provided. A person is treated as an individual in their own home, rather than one of many patients who need looking after. Clients get their voices heard and can request what meals they would like to eat and how they would like to spend their time, which isn’t always possible in a care home.

If you would like to find out more about live in care services, visit our FAQ page or contact us directly.