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Frequently Asked Questions for Home Care

How much should I expect to pay for my care?

The cost of care does depend on the level of need and requirements you have. As part of our registration process, we will be able to look at what your individual care needs are and provide a more accurate cost of care per week. However, the range we usually work within is £595-£665 for single care, and £945-£1015 for couple care.

Who and how do I pay?

Once the initial Registration Fee is paid to Mayfair Live In Care, the on-going Introductory Fee will be required on a weekly basis in advance for the first 4 weeks, and will then be paid in advance on a monthly basis.

Regarding payment to your Carers: You must arrange how to pay your Carer between you, however we would recommend paying directly into the Carer’s bank account on a weekly basis in arrears.

Do I employ the Carer or are they self-employed?
You do not employ the Carers. Your Carers are considered ‘Self Employed’ and therefore they are responsible for all their own taxes and insurance.
Which areas do you cover?
We mainly cover Hertfordshire, but may consider further areas dependent on the need of the Client.
Do you provide care for couples?

Absolutely. One of the main advantages to having a live in Carer is being able to stay together in your own home. If each person in the couple have particularly high care needs, you may need to consider having 2 carers at a time, but this can be determined at the initial assessment.

Is short term and respite care possible?
 Yes, we can supply Carers for a short term contract or for a period of respite to allow, for example, a loved one some much needed time off.
How quickly can I get a Carer?
The longer we have to find a Carer for you, the better the match will be. However, if there is an urgency in starting your care, then we could potentially get a Carer for you within 48 hours. However, for this to happen, you may need to be slightly more flexible on your specifications.
Are the Carers vetted/What checks are made?
Yes. We take this very seriously. All Carers have a face to face interview with Mayfair Live In Care, and then we apply for an up to date DBS check (or relevant criminal record check from their own country where required). We check their ID and right to work in the UK. We contact 2 professional references, one of which must be their most recent employer. Any gaps in employment history are discussed.
Are the Carers trained?

Yes. As part of the recruitment checks, we ensure all Carer’s have up to date mandatory training certificates in the following areas:

  • Manual Handling
  • Basic First Aid
  • Health and Safety (including COSHH & RIDDOR)
  • Food Hygiene
  • Fire Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
  • Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberties
  • Dementia Awareness

We would not agree to put a Carer forward for a Placement if they were not fully trained for the task in hand.

Can I interview the Carers myself?
Once we have selected a Carer we feel would be an appropriate option for you, we can arrange for them to either visit you, have a meeting via Skype or Facetime, or have a chat on the phone to make sure you are happy with our selection.
What do I need to provide for my Carer?
Your Carer will need to have a comfortable bedroom of their own, with space to hang up their clothes. A TV in their room would be a nice touch as well as access to the internet. The Carers should be able to retire to their room during their break time and when they finish work for the day. You should also provide your Carer with their food. We would not expect you to have to buy specialist foods (for example, if the Carer had a food intolerance). You simply buy whatever you usually buy, but buy enough for you both.
What can I expect my Carers to help me with?
Your Carer is there to help you maintain your usual daily life at home, so to do this, they are able to help you with your daily personal care routine, washing, dressing, toileting, medication support and any help you may need in regards to mobility. Your Carer will also be on hand to help with domestic support which includes cooking meals, carrying out light housework, doing the laundry and looking after your pets. They will be able to escort you to an appointment, any social events, take you shopping.
How much time off do I need to give the Carers?
The Carers will need a minimum 2 hours off per day. This is based on them working an actual 10 hour day (even though they are available for 24 hours). If they are working longer hours, or if they are disturbed through the night, then we would suggest you arrange for your Carer to have some extra downtime to ensure they are fully rested and able to perform their duties safely. Most Clients are happy to be left on their own during this period but if not, or if there is a high level of risk in leaving them, then additional cover may need to be arranged with either a family member or a local domiciliary care agency to cover the 2 hours.
Will the Carer need to use my phone or internet connection?
Carers should not use your telephone for outgoing calls unless you request that they do so or if there is an emergency. If you have Internet connection, we ask that Carers can use your Wi-Fi (accessed via their own PCs). This provides a good way for them to stay in touch with friends and family whilst they are away from home.
Will the Carers smoke or drink in my home?
Carers will not smoke in your house, have alcoholic drinks in your home or invite visitors into your home. We have a zero tolerance on any of the above taking place, and will end our relationship with a Carer if these areas are breached.
Can a Carer be a signatory?
For both your protection and the Carer’s protection please do not ask Carers to act as a signatory or a witness to any legal documents. We also recommend that Carers should not accept gifts from their Client’s.
Are there cancellation notice periods?
To ensure the best care is provided to you, and you benefit from continuity of care, we schedule our Placements well in advance. Because of this we have to work to notice periods to ensure that Carers are not left ‘out of pocket’ for late cancellations. Please see the Terms and Conditions for full details on notice periods.
How long will my Carer stay for?
This is dependent on your individual care needs. The most common rota pattern is 2 weeks on/2 weeks off, however, your Carer could stay with you for up to 8 weeks or more. The main consideration when deciding on an appropriate rota pattern is to ensure the Carer gets the right amount of time off to regenerate and re-energise.
Is it possible to have one carer stay with me all the time?

Usually not.  As Carers work 7 days a week they will inevitably need breaks. Also, as the Carer works on a self-employed they cannot legally work for only one Client on an ongoing basis.

Also, as the Carer works on a self-employed basis, they cannot legally work for only one Client on an ongoing basis.

What happens if the Carer is ill or needs to leave suddenly?
If your Carer is unwell or needs to unexpectedly leave your Placement, Mayfair Live In Care will do its upmost to provide you with a replacement Carer.
What if I don’t like my Carer?
If you do not like your Carer, then you should get in contact with Mayfair Live In Care as soon as possible to let us know. We will then make arrangements to find a replacement Carer for you as soon as we can.
Is there a code of practise or a contract in place?

Mayfair Live In Care do not employ the Carer’s directly, so they are not required to sign a contract with us, however we do have a Carer’s Handbook that we expect all Carer’s who work with us to read and follow. Within this handbook, we explain exactly what we expect of the Carers and outlined preferred ways of working.

We recommend that you put in place a contract between yourself and your Carer, and write down the daily tasks you would require your Carers to perform, in a ‘Daily Care Plan’ so that you both know what is expected of them.

Is Mayfair Live In Care registered with CQC?
We are not registered with CQC. As we are considered an ‘introductory agency’ instead of a ‘care provider’ there is not the need to register with CQC. However, due to our teams experience of working within CQC guidelines in our past roles, we all strive to work within the standards expected by CQC to ensure we are providing the best level of care to our Clients.